21 SEO Content Writing Tools to Improve Your Workflow

SEO content writing tools

Writing without data is like driving with a blindfold over your eyes. You’re using guesswork to choose topics and write content but it doesn’t hit the mark or achieve ROI, because it’s not based on data. Good writers don’t rely on guesswork. You use data from SEO content writing tools to: Understand search intent Determine … Read more

Is Imposter Syndrome Messing With your Confidence? These Stories Will Inspire Your Inner Champion

imposter syndrome

There are hundreds of articles on the internet around the topic of imposter syndrome. But if you look closely, the advice is mostly generic and detached. It’s one person, sharing their experience and telling you what worked for them. But like everything that affects mental and physical wellbeing, there’s no linear route. I’ve decided to … Read more

How to Write Service Page Content: Tips from 19 Conversion Specialists

write service page content that converts

I love jam doughnuts. It’s my one great weakness and guilty pleasure. The other day, I went to the store to buy two jam doughnuts. I was going to eat one and give the other to my 8-year old nephew as a reward for good behavior. The doughnut smelled so good that I ate it … Read more

SEO Copywriting Tips: 23 Experts Share Their Secret to Writing Content That Ranks and Converts

seo copywriting tips

Why can’t you have it all? Great content that makes you laugh, and teaches you something new without sacrificing search engine ranking. Most SaaS owners I’ve spoken to have a preconceived notion that SEO content is boring. Yes, it gets the job done. If you call ranking on Google search a goal on its own. … Read more

How to Do Keyword Research for SEO Without Feeling Overwhelmed [Free Infographic]

How to do keyword research for SEO

My first lesson when I learned how to do keyword research was that not all keywords are created equally. I launched my website in January 2019 without doing any sort of keyword research. I knew the copywriting services I wanted to rank for and I assumed it was enough to use the phrases as keywords … Read more

The Ultimate List of Covid 19 Free Resources for SEO and Marketers

COVID 19 free resources for seo and marketers

In the US, one in four US businesses has shut down and 7.5 million small businesses are at risk of closing their doors permanently if coronavirus pandemic persists for the next couple of months. Jobless claims exceeded 20 million in 4 weeks and 35.7 million Americans are at risk of unemployment. These are just stats … Read more

How to Write Lead Generating Homepage Content [Free Infographic]

Happy business people brainstorming homepage content

When you walk into a room to pitch investors, the first thing they see is how you’re dressed. You haven’t said a word but they’re already appraising you based on your outfit, how you walk and carry yourself. When you speak, it’s a continuation of the first impression you made when you walked into the … Read more

11 Tips for Writing Powerful Headlines People Click to Read

young woman writing powerful headlines

John Caples said that no one reads a copy with a poor headline. Neither does it sell goods or services. Your headline is the most important element of web copy. But it fails if you don’t spend enough time on it. Other reasons why headlines fail include: The content doesn’t match the headline (clickbait) Ambiguous … Read more

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