18 Blogging Tools You Need to Succeed in 2019

Child reading on books

We didn’t have auto mechanic shops with tech tools when I was younger. If your car had a problem, the mechanic would check a few parts and speculate. If they fixed one issue and a second fault developed, they speculated again. Today, we’ve got car diagnosis tools that run a full check to access the … Read more

15 Blogging Mistakes That Could Ruin You

Blogging Mistakes

I made my first attempt to blog in 2011. The goal was to highlight socio-political issues affecting women and young people in Nigeria. I was having fun and enjoying the feedback from my small fan base of 50 readers, mostly in Lagos and Abuja. No, they weren’t strangers. it was friends and families who wanted … Read more

How to Write a Blog Post People Read Until the End


You never forget your first love or your first kiss. It was a magical moment when the world faded away. The only thing that mattered was that moment when your heart felt like it would burst and the butterflies in your stomach went haywire. It was perfect. More will come after your first but the … Read more

15 Tips to Find Blog Post Ideas That Supercharge Your Blog

15 Tips to Find Blog Post Ideas That Supercharge Your Blog

People often ask me how they can get blogging inspiration or blog posts ideas. Whether you are a new or experienced blogger, creating content on a schedule is crucial to blogging success. I get ideas in the weirdest places. Sometimes it’s while I am out on a run, eating breakfast, watching a TV show or … Read more

How to Create a Blogging Strategy from Scratch

How to Create a Blogging Strategy from Scratch

I created my first blog in 2012. I wanted a place to discuss issues I was passionate about. I didn’t have a blogging strategy or a long-term plan. I only published a new blog post whenever inspiration struck. Sometimes, I  published a blog post once in three months. I got angry when I ran a … Read more

Blogging For Beginners: How to Start a Successful Blog


Every business needs a blog. It was top of my mind when I setup Zenith Copy.  Blogging is a great way to position your brand as the solution to problems your audience faces. My first foray into blogging was in 2012. I was a novice who was winging it the entire way. If you want … Read more

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