How to Write Lead Generating Homepage Content [Free Infographic]

Happy business people brainstorming homepage content

When you walk into a room to pitch investors, the first thing they see is how you’re dressed. You haven’t said a word but they’re already appraising you based on your outfit, how you walk and carry yourself. When you speak, it’s a continuation of the first impression you made when you walked into the … Read more

11 Tips for Writing Powerful Headlines People Click to Read

young woman writing powerful headlines

John Caples said that no one reads a copy with a poor headline. Neither does it sell goods or services. Your headline is the most important element of web copy. But it fails if you don’t spend enough time on it. Other reasons why headlines fail include: The content doesn’t match the headline (clickbait) Ambiguous … Read more

What is SEO Copywriting? (Plus 5 Tips On Writing Content that Ranks)

a group of SEO copywriters

If you asked me about SEO copywriting in 2010, I would tell you that it’s just like any other content but with keywords and key phrases people use when conducting a search. The first time I wrote a search engine optimization copy, I was working remotely for an agency that provided cheap copywriting services. The … Read more

Website Copywriting Rates: How Much Should You Pay?

business owner wondering how much to pay for website copywriting services

If you take nothing away from this article, remember this. You Get What You Pay for with copywriting services. I’ve had clients say: “I’m coming to you because multiple copywriters have burned me in the past.” When I tell them how much I charge, they complain. “You’re too expensive. I have copywriters who charge half … Read more

The Top 11 Best Website Copywriting Services in the US

finding the best website copywriter takes time

 A quick Google search for  “best website copywriting services in the US” reveal a horde of results that overwhelm you. It’s difficult to discern who is the best or which copywriting agency only lays claim to the kingship. For starters, there are thousands of Google results to look through. You have to visit each site, … Read more

What Is Website Copywriting? (Plus Examples of the Best Website Copy)

If you're asking what is a website copywriter, learn more in this article

Would you buy a $2,000 online video that shows you how to whiten your teeth within 24 hours and keep them sparkling for life? You’d probably assume the seller was playing a fast one on you. What if the website featured hundreds of verifiable testimonials from happy customers who attest to the instant results? I’m … Read more

How to Hire a Professional Website Copywriter in the US

professional copywriter looking at PC

It may seem far-fetched, but when you hire a website copywriter, you’re one step closer to achieving your business goals. I recently worked with a client whose website wasn’t converting. Visitors struggled to understand her key offering because it wasn’t clearly outlined. The copywriter who wrote the content for her financial services website was an … Read more

Should You Write for Humans or Robots?

Woman in black

In 2011, AJ Kohn wrote an article supporting the argument to write for search engines, not humans. He described search engines like a blind 5-year old. They are unable to see colour, gorgeous designs and other aesthetics humans consider when visiting a website. While the goal of a search engine is to emulate human evaluation … Read more

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