10 Landing Page Copywriting Mistakes That Hurt Conversion

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Copywriting mistakes on a landing page don’t just hurt conversion. It could affect your online reputation and ruin the trust you’ve built with your customers. When i started out as a copywriter, I used to write really long CTAs that filled out an entire line. I felt like a rock star because I didn’t know … Read more

10 Landing Page Examples to Increase Conversion Rate

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How do you convince visitors to convert? While multiple elements go into a highly converting landing page, success is usually determined by your landing page goals. The purpose of a landing page is to generate leads by offering a customer a free resource in exchange for their email address. Marketers and website owners use a … Read more

These Landing Page Hacks Will Blow Conversion Through the Roof

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Why is your landing page not working? Are you using several CTAs? Do your prospects not trust you? Whatever the reasons, landing page hacks will help you optimise your copy for higher conversion rates. A landing page is a page a visitor lands on from an Ad, social media page, an external link, or even … Read more

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