21 SEO Content Writing Tools to Improve Your Workflow

SEO content writing tools

Writing without data is like driving with a blindfold over your eyes. You’re using guesswork to choose topics and write content but it doesn’t hit the mark or achieve ROI, because it’s not based on data. Good writers don’t rely on guesswork. You use data from SEO content writing tools to: Understand search intent Determine … Read more

What is SEO Copywriting? (Plus 5 Tips On Writing Content that Ranks)

a group of SEO copywriters

If you asked me about SEO copywriting in 2010, I would tell you that it’s just like any other content but with keywords and key phrases people use when conducting a search. The first time I wrote a search engine optimization copy, I was working remotely for an agency that provided cheap copywriting services. The … Read more

13 Actionable Tips to Improve Local SEO for Small Businesses

Local SEo for small businesses that want to rank higher

The long-term benefit of search engine optimization is the major reason why many website owners choose to focus on Local SEO instead of paid advertising. However, when business revenue dips, search marketing is usually the first to go. Which leads us to the question – is SEO worth it for small businesses? The truth? You … Read more

11 Things That Hurt Your Website Ranking and How to Fix Them

11 things you need about blogging

Sites at the top of Google SERP have a 33% chance of getting clicked. You can’t generate leads without visibility or traffic. If you rely on search engines for traffic, SEO is a priority for you. Sadly, a Google penalty impedes your efforts and prevents you from reaching the top page. Which mistake is hurting … Read more

8 SEO Skills You Need to Become A Search Expert

Friends Shaking Hands

  SEO is tied to the fabric of the internet. You do it without realising it. It’s more than just choosing keywords and creating content around them. It has evolved into entities, semantics and keywords based on search intent. SEO is everything you do to rank high on search engines. Most people never go beyond … Read more

Should You Write for Humans or Robots?

Woman in black

In 2011, AJ Kohn wrote an article supporting the argument to write for search engines, not humans. He described search engines like a blind 5-year old. They are unable to see colour, gorgeous designs and other aesthetics humans consider when visiting a website. While the goal of a search engine is to emulate human evaluation … Read more

What Are The Most Important SEO Ranking Signals in 2019?

With over 160 billion search queries every month, Google can make or break your business. Business owners go to sleep at night dreaming of reaching the coveted top spot. Those at the top continuously work hard to keep you from taking over. They spend a huge portion of their revenue on paid advertising and SEO … Read more

It’s time to give up these old-school SEO practices

Thanks to Google, search is always evolving. A strategy that worked in 2017 could be obsolete by 2018. Marketers, copywriters and businesses are always running around trying to figure out what Google is going to do next. The frustrating part? Just when you feel like taking a breather because you’ve finally got a hang of … Read more

Top SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

I was sitting on my bed doing keyword research for this article when my friend asked me a question, “what is SEO?” I was surprised because I expected her and everyone else on the planet who owned a business to know what SEO was. I explained that every business, no matter how obscure, needed a … Read more

The Complete Guide to Link Building

What is Link Building? In simple terms, link building is all the activities you do for other websites to link back to you. Webmasters, marketers and businesses run link building and outreach campaigns to drive referral traffic. Think of links as the street between pages. It shows search engines how websites are related and which … Read more

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