How to Write Service Page Content: Tips from 19 Conversion Specialists

write service page content that converts

I love jam doughnuts. It’s my one great weakness and guilty pleasure. The other day, I went to the store to buy two jam doughnuts. I was going to eat one and give the other to my 8-year old nephew as a reward for good behavior. The doughnut smelled so good that I ate it … Read more

What is the Ideal Length of a Product Description?

Young woman thinking of ideal length of product description

Ever read a lengthy product description that left you more confused about what the product does? You probably bounced after 20 seconds of skimming the lengthy description on the page. What is the Ideal Length of a Product Description? Should every product copy have the same word count? Is less always better? Some expert copywriters … Read more

8 SEO Skills You Need to Become A Search Expert

Friends Shaking Hands

  SEO is tied to the fabric of the internet. You do it without realising it. It’s more than just choosing keywords and creating content around them. It has evolved into entities, semantics and keywords based on search intent. SEO is everything you do to rank high on search engines. Most people never go beyond … Read more

15 Blogging Mistakes That Could Ruin You

Blogging Mistakes

I made my first attempt to blog in 2011. The goal was to highlight socio-political issues affecting women and young people in Nigeria. I was having fun and enjoying the feedback from my small fan base of 50 readers, mostly in Lagos and Abuja. No, they weren’t strangers. it was friends and families who wanted … Read more

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