8 SEO Skills You Need to Become A Search Expert

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  SEO is tied to the fabric of the internet. You do it without realising it. It’s more than just choosing keywords and creating content around them. It has evolved into entities, semantics and keywords based on search intent. SEO is everything you do to rank high on search engines. Most people never go beyond … Read more

15 Tips to Find Blog Post Ideas That Supercharge Your Blog

15 Tips to Find Blog Post Ideas That Supercharge Your Blog

People often ask me how they can get blogging inspiration or blog posts ideas. Whether you are a new or experienced blogger, creating content on a schedule is crucial to blogging success. I get ideas in the weirdest places. Sometimes it’s while I am out on a run, eating breakfast, watching a TV show or … Read more

12 tips to engage casual visitors and increase conversion

“Google! What are the top reasons visitors leave a webpage without converting?” Google presents the best results in 3 seconds. I open the top two and read through. Sometimes, I read the article twice to have a better grasp of the content. A lazy reader would take note of the subheadings or major points and … Read more

2019 Content Marketing Trends You Need to Succeed

Content marketing trends to follow

Content marketing ROI is four times greater than the most targeted advertising. For most businesses, it is at the core of their marketing strategy. It works with social media, SEO and email marketing. A good content marketing strategy will drive traffic, generate leads and increase conversion. Here are the most important content marketing trends you … Read more

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